Training Development Services offers training material design services for RTO (Registered Training Organisations) based on Qualifications on the AQF. Comprehensive Training Material packages ensure that the various training, assessment and support functions are effectively addressed in the supplied material.

The materials are designed to strict compliance with the Training Package requirements including the assessment guidelines and competency standards of each Qualification and / or Unit of Competency. Alignment and referencing documentation is also supplied to demonstrate the alignment of the materials to the specific Qualification or Unit of Competency.

Scope of Development

With our global network of subject matter experts and designers, we are able to cater for a wide range of fields and industries. Currently, Training Development Services offers Qualification development on the following Certificate levels for the VET sector:

– (AQF1) Certificate I
– (AQF2) Certificate II
– (AQF3) Certificate III
– (AQF4) Certificate IV
– (AQF5) Diploma

Relevant to Australian Standards

Materials are developed by SME’s (Subject matter experts) and designed in compliance with the relevant Australian standards, workplace procedures and legislation where applicable.

Development Lead Time

The average development time of Qualifications and / or Units of Learning varies according to the level and subject matter pertaining to the development need.

Free Remediation Guarantee

All of our materials are supplied with a free remediation service guarantee that safeguards your purchase against any possible remedial work upon formal evaluation of the materials.

Purchase Protection

Your purchase is further protected with a Service Level Agreement which contractually binds us to the required standards and lead time applicable to the design and delivery of your material order.

Material Packages

Our standard Training material packages include the following materials:

– Learner Guide
– Facilitator Guide
– Formative Assessment Instrument
– Summative Assessment Instrument
– Assessment Guide
– Portfolio of Evidence Guide
– Curriculum Strategy
– Programme Alignment Reference

Additional materials and / or document requirements can be offered / included upon request to address individual organisational / industry needs. 

Free Sample Pack

A Free Sample Pack is available upon request. Kindly contact us at for samples and further information.