E-Learning Programme Design and Conversion

We can assist you to either design or convert your current training programmes into a E-learning format which can be accessed and completed by learners from anywhere in the world!

Some amazing benefits of E-learning: 
  • Enables you to expand your current local target market to a national or international learner base.
  • Saves on travelling costs for both your learners and the staff / company.
  • Provide access to courses for learners who cannot physically access your location.
  •  Adds value to your programme offerings.  
  •  Adds interactivity and automation to your course delivery methodology.

We have created three great packages for you, each providing you with options from start to finish dependent upon your specific needs.


Package A: E-learning Platform Set-up and Installation (Required)

Set-up and installation of a licenced E-learning platform (WordPress plugin LMS based) onto your current domain (or subdomain). A Free standard template for the LMS is provided.

What does this package include?

  • A Popular and licenced WordPress-based Learning Management System (LMS) is installed on your current domain / hosting platform.
  • A General configuration of the script to meet your pre-determined requirements for your e-learning application is done.
  • Upon sign-up a checklist will be provided to you with the available configuration options which you can select from.
  • Your E-learning platform will then be setup / configured accordingly.

Free Demo – Getting Started Programme

For demonstration and sample purposes, a free how-to get started training programme will be loaded into your LMS for your staff or learners to get familiar with the platform.

The following support services and materials are included:

For the programme administrator:

  • Free staff / admin LMS orientation guide is included. This guide includes hints and instructions on how to configure your LMS according to available options), how to upload, edit and delete courses.
  • Free remote technical support provided.   We will include free technical support for a period of 3 months electronically via Email or Web.

For the learner:

  • Free learner / LMS orientation guide.  This free e-learning guide will include a set of clear instructions on how to complete the questioning, view their results and to upload / access the materials for their course based on the e-learning platform.

Price: Package A


Lead Time / Delivery: 30 Days. 


Package B: Training Programme to E-learning Format Conversion (Optional)

What does this package include?

Quite simply put, the conversion of your existing training programme into an online / e-learning format.

Learning materials:

Includes: Uploading of the Learner Guide content (as an Adobe pdf file).

  • Learner Interface: Learners will be able to view / access the materials online in a PDF format or download it (if enabled) for printing (if required).

Formative assessment:

Includes: The uploading of multiple choice based questioning (formative assessment) uploaded into the e-learning platform.

Learner Interface: Interactive online questioning with instant feedback, scoring and reporting.

Summative assessment:

Includes: The uploading of knowledge-based questioning or written assignments uploaded into the e-learning platform. 

Learner Interface: Learner to record / capture assignments online and / or upload completed written assignments.

Practical Component: Completed Practical Checklists / rubrics can be uploaded by the assessor into the LMS.

Price: Package B 

  • Unit Standard Conversions starting from: R2500 per Unit Standard package dependent on the programme requirements /format / specifications.
  • Qualification Conversions starting from: R34995 per Qualification package dependent on the programme requirements / format / specifications.
  • Non Unit Standard based Conversions starting from: R2500 per programme dependent on the programme duration / requirements / format / specifications.

Lead Time / Delivery: Available upon request.

Package C: Tablet PC Supply (Optional)

Supply of low cost / high-quality Tablet PC\’s for your learners.

This can be provided as an option to your learners or incorporated into your programme costs and supplied to them free of charge. This is a great marketing tool and adds great value to your product offering.

Price: Package C

Dependent upon the amount of tablets ordered (better prices available for bulk orders)

  • 7″ Touch Screen Tablet PC with 3G Internet Module @ R1599 per tablet (1-20 tablets)
  • 10″ Touch Screen Tablet with 3G Internet Module @ R1999 per tablet (1-20 tablets)

Tablets are shipped to your address / pre-loaded with the software. Data sim cards are available from Afrihost in partnership with MTN for R29pm per learner/tablet. This is of course optional but adds more great value for your learners / clients.

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