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22 Aug FAQ
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Kindly review the below list of answers to frequently asked questions regarding our products or services1. QuestionAre your materials already accredited by the relevant SETA?Answer: Unfortunately, the..
22 Aug Training Material Packages
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Each Training Material package is supplied with a comprehensive set of documents and tools. The following section aims to familiarise you with the various documents included in each of our packages. P..
22 Aug Free Remedial Guarantee
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Training Development Services supports the products sold by offering a Free remedial service should the SETA ETQA identifiy the need for changes to the supplied materials upon formal evaluation thereo..
15 Sep About Us
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About Training Development Services!Training Development Services specialises in the supply of only the highest standard in quality Training Material packages.Since 2005, Training Development Services..
15 Sep eLearning Product and Service
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Over the years of servicing our client’s needs, we have identified the need to expand our development scope into eLearning Material Development resulting in the establishment of the eLearning Developm..
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