Over the years of servicing our client’s needs, we have identified the need to expand our development scope into eLearning Material Development resulting in the establishment of the eLearning Development Division to cater for this need directly.

18 Months ago the eLearning division was established to meet the following core objectives and driving factors, namely:

  • To design eLearning Materials that adequately addresses specified Training Objectives.
  • To produce eLearning materials that effectively complies with relevant Industry Standards (SCORM Compliance).
  • To adhere to development practices that meets the development standards and quality principles of Training Development Services.
  • To identify and adopt eLearning development approaches and techniques suited to the current industry expectations and requirements.
  • To provide ongoing support through extensible development services to facilitate material updates and further customization.

With the above objectives in mind, our eLearning Product and Service offerings have been structured as follows to include:

  • eLearning development is conducted strictly in accordance with the Programme Curriculum which is provided to and approved by the client prior to development commences.
  • Delivery of SCORM Compliant eLearning Modules containing the LMS-ready folder (Zip).
  • SCORM Complaint Output Report to demonstrate efficient SCORM Version Compliance.
  • Free remedial service if product is found not to meet the Programme Curriculum(Outline) or SCORM compliance requirements.


Main design features includes but are not limited to:

  • Interactive learning experiences for effective knowledge transfer
  • Picture / graphical illustrations and animations are incorporated
  • Scenario-based practical examples to promote learning application
  • Electronic assessments and scoring / grading of questioning(Multiple choice, direct, true and false, case study, word matching etc.)
  • Responsive design to improve the user experience on suitable desktop / notebook devices.


Scope of Delivery (Product Contents):

1. Electronic Zip Folder containing the eLearning Module.

This Module contains all the learning content and assessments included in the learning programme.

                2. SCORM Compliance Report

                Report verifying SCORM compliance of produced training module.

3. Programme Curriculum(Outline)

This programme outline includes the programme outcomes, structure and sequence applicable to the learning programme.

4. Assessment Strategy

This strategy includes a formative and summative assessment grid that demonstrates the assessment methods used as part of the learning programme.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

  1. Does your Training Material Product include a Learning Management System (LMS)?

Answer: No, our E-Learning Material Modules contains the learning and assessment materials for use on a compatible(SCORM Compliant) LMS.

    1. Where do I obtain a Learning Management System from?

There are numerous open-source(free) Learning Management System platforms available which are SCORM compliant and used by the International Education community. The most popular of which is Moodle.

    1. Why does the cost of E-learning development far exceed the cost of normal print-based training materials?

This is largely due to the cost of production (in both time and wages) to produce effective and compliant E-Learning materials by adequately trained / qualified staff. The initial cost of production and acquisition is generally off-set by the increased profit margin of eLearning training in comparison to traditional classroom based training.

    1. Does your scope of delivery include the original project / design files produced during the development process in the source program’s format?

No. We provide the LMS ready E-Learning Modules for direct use in the LMS host system. At design time, we will gladly include your company logo / branding into the design of the content. Any changes / updates to the materials at a later stage can be done for you at an applicable cost. Kindly contact us for a cost-estimate if this need arises.

    1. Why is your eLearning Development costs much less than some of your competitors?

Well, we are trying to be competitive off-course! ???? Furthermore, the division is relatively new and in order to facilitate fast growth we are still offering highly competitive development pricing to build our product range and to extend our client-base. These offerings may off-course change in the near future so enjoy the cost savings offers whilst they are still possible.

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